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The 1-1 Laptop Program

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Is your child entering Year 4 in 2019 or are you considering joining your year 5 or 6 child into the 1-1 program? Read on!

Our parent funded 1-1 Laptop program ensures our students have the best opportunities to acquire essential skills in digital technologies for their future. We recognise and value the parents of our senior students’ commitment to their children’s education.

In 2018 we gave parents the option of choosing the MacBook Air 13” or the iPad for the program. Teachers, students and our parent representatives all strongly recommended the MacBook as the school’s preferred device.

The response from parents this year has been overwhelmingly positive, with 85% of students having their own device and of those all but 4 were MacBooks.

For 2019 we continue to recommend the MacBook Air 13” as the preferred device, while including the option of the iPad; there is also a leasing option for both devices.

We recommend the MacBook Air 13” over the iPad for the following reasons, the MacBook:

  • is more powerful and has more features within applications common to both Mac and iPad eg. Pages, Garageband, iMovie, google suite.
  • is easier to use for staff and students when accessing tools for learning like the internet, google suite and network resources.
  • has a larger screen and keyboard.
  • has better tools for applications, student monitoring and network resources, eg. being able to have the school image, teachers being able to monitor student usage in real time.
  • has stronger parental controls and Remote desktop for teacher supervision of student use.
  • is sturdier and has greater longevity.

We partner with Winthrop Australia to obtain the best educational prices and onsite technical support. They provide a convenient and easy online portal for you to order a device for your child. If you source a device elsewhere consider the portal information to compare accurately.

Ordering Portal Link

Prior to purchasing a device, please attend one of our parent information sessions for more information and discussion with our 1-1 leadership team:

Come along and find out why our program works so well and what you need to know!

2nd Session:

When: Monday 22nd October
Time: 5pm – 6pm
Where: LA 16/17

3rd Session:

When: Wednesday 21st November
Time: 8.00am – 8.45am
Where: Library

EOI for parent Sessions

visit our Digital Citizenship page.

Click here to view the eSafety website