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1-1 Laptop Program 2022

Semester One this year was difficult for teachers, parents and students due to COVID disruptions to learning and activities that normally help to bring the school community together. We thank all the parents who have supported us in so many ways to ensure calm transitions through different stages of health and Department guidelines.

Although the beginning of the Year 4 program this year was affected by both a new system of managing the devices and COVID restrictions, the parents, teachers and students have managed to have a mostly positive entry into the program. A huge thank you to all the parents who supported the 1-1 Program this year by purchasing a device for their child, we maintained a high percentage of uptake enabling us to supply a school device for all students who required one. The program certainly assisted the smooth transition to Remote Learning for any student in Year 4-6, who could stay connected to their classroom learning and classmates online using their laptop or iPad.

This year, for the first time, all Australian schools completed NAPLAN online. Landsdale made the transition to NAPLAN online successfully in 2016. We were able to do this due to having an exemplary 1-1 laptop program in Year 4-6 and a focus on ensuring students in Year 2 & 3 had access to banks of iPads. For the last few years our 1-1 Device Program using school and parent funded devices ensures each student from Yr2-6 have a device, which has made NAPLAN even easier for students, staff and our technicians. This year we had a flawless technical NAPLAN online during a very difficult time with staff and student absences due to COVID.

Our program has now been running for 12 years and is a vital component of our students’ academic success. However, like all good programs review and renewal is essential. Thank you to the parents who contributed feedback to the first of our surveys on the 1-1 Program for this new Business Plan cycle. The results showed that while there are things that we can do better, the academic value of the program is highly valued by parents of students in Year 4-6. Parents of students in the junior years would like more information and communication regarding the program.

Excitingly we had parents who are willing to form a parent group to be a part of our improvement process. We have seven members already and would like to encourage any parent who has a child in Year 5 or 6 to join the group. The plan is to meet and discuss elements of the program from a parent perspective. Our initial meeting outlined the history of the program and the essential elements that benefit the teaching and learning of students. We also have begun to develop a plan for improvements to the program.

If you are interested in joining the Parent 1-1 meetings please contact Leanne White: PH 94083850 or Email:

1-1 Device Program 2022

Thank you to the parents who partner with us and support our program, by purchasing a device for your child you advantage your child, and assist other children, to have access to 1-1 devices. Our program is designed to address the digital divide in education, not all students have access to technology at home, not all schools can fund a device for each student. With a parent funded 1-1 device program, our school can partner with parents, so all students have access and can learn the skills and awareness required in an increasingly digital world. In 2022, we again have successfully achieved this and the Year Four students have begun learning about the ethical and safe use of their devices. The advantages of having a device allocated to each student instead of accessing a bank of shared machines are many:

  • They engage students in new and exciting ways at point of need, which may be different times and purposes for each student.
  • Collaborative activities are richer, combining online, face to face and group collaborations. It assists in gathering data and evidence of learning for each individual and provides shyer, quieter students a way to interact with others more comfortably.
  • Teachers can provide differentiated instruction for students more easily and students can go at their own pace and direction in learning without worry or delays. They also don’t have to rush to finish an assignment so they can hand the device to another student.
  • The demand for digital skills in all areas of society are increasing. Our program teaches essential skills to our students, which are an advantage when moving to secondary schooling and future careers. Our students are well prepared for extension and specialist programs in many different learning areas, all of which have a digital element (even sport!).
  • The students’ use at school is monitored more easily and we explicitly teach responsibility for the device as well as an essential awareness of an online environment and how to stay safe and appropriate.
  • The COVID-19 pandemic has put hygiene at the front of everyone’s mind. Shared devices increase the risk of transference of germs. All devices need to be cleaned regularly however with each student having a device allocated or belonging to them it reduces the concern.

While we use the devices at point of need, it doesn’t mean that they should, or are, used all the time. Many lessons are device free, and many combine the integration of strategies both non-digital and digital during the learning sequence.

With many competing needs during difficult times recently, it is understandable for parents to consider the costs involved. Our program recommends the Macbook for it’s longevity and robust design and is an investment for a minimum of 3 years with it usually being used through most of the students secondary schooling. The iPad is a less costly and effective choice for parents in our program, as the applications used in school are on both the iPad and the Macbook. We also ensure that all students will have a device either Macbook or iPad if they don’t have their own, through the school owned devices.

This year has been difficult to assist the parents of the Year 4 students who purchased a device with our usual Macbook Parent Workshop due to COVID-19 considerations. Please visit our website to find information about the program and the Apple Support site is very useful for how to use the basic functions of the Macbook.

As parents are our partners in this program, we need to know your thoughts and ideas regarding the program. Please use this link to take a short survey: Parent 1-1 Program Survey

1-1 Program 2022

Thank you to all the parents of Year Four and new students in Year 5 or 6 who have joined, or are in the process of joining, the program this year. Teachers and all students will spend the first few weeks establishing agreements that will give the grounding for high standards of self-regulation at school and safety online. Explicitly teaching how to responsibly and appropriately use technology and communication tools, provides students with the skills and knowledge to make informed and appropriate choices, now and in the future. To help keep informed about digital citizenship and online safety visit our digital citizenship page on our website.

In such busy times, inevitably some parents miss our annual information sessions in Nov/Dec. If you have questions, our website has information on our program and Frequently Asked Questions to assist you. Please remember that all student in Year 4-6 have access to a device, if you are not joining the program with a personal device, your child will have a school owned device allocated to them during the school day. We are able to do this due to the high number of parents who choose to join the BYOD 1-1 Program. You can decide to bring in an iPad or Macbook anytime during Year 4-6.

The technical aspects of the program are also being established in the first couple of weeks. When you bring your laptop in to school the technicians will join them to our management system. This means settings and software that are school specific are put onto the laptops to ensure a safer and more effective experience.

When the machines are prepared, a note is sent home with information regarding setting up passwords, more information and “how to” tutorials can be found on the Apple Support site. We have a technician onsite every day except Wednesday. You or your child can let the technician know of any issues with their machine by logging a job on the Helpdesk which you can access through the Helpdesk link on our website home page or by informing their teacher.

If your child is bringing in an iPad, the process is that they too are joined to our management system and school apps are loaded as well as settings for our network.

We are excited to begin the journey with your children to engage in rich learning tasks and teach them how to become responsible digital citizens.

Unfortunately at this stage due to our current COVID guidelines for schools, we are unable to offer the workshop for parents to come in to and explore the new 1-1 device. For now please check out the How to tutorials mentioned above.

1-1 Program 2022

Thank you to all the parents who attended our Parent Information forums or contacted us for information in the lead up to our 2022 1-1 Parent funded Device program. Parents have been supportive of their child’s educational needs and understood the importance of learning to use technology effectively and safely.

We are very committed to providing the best educational opportunities for our students and the 1-1 program is an important part of that. We thank the parents who do partner with us to help ensure we can provide full coverage of devices for all our students. We have managed each year to have a high percentage of students bringing their own device and this enables us to supply either a MacBook or iPad for students who for any reason don’t bring a personal device. However, we are aware that it is a big commitment from parents and that some may wish to wait and assess the program prior to purchasing or may not be able to participate in purchasing a device.

Please keep in mind:

  • Parents can choose an iPad or a MacBook if they wish to purchase a device.
  • There is no expectation that all parents will purchase a device, it is a voluntary program.
  • If a student does not bring their own device, one will be provided to them, assigned for the year. The only difference is that these are unable to go home with the student.
  • The Portal is available for you to access pricing and device specifications information and order your device at any time during the year, each year, so you can join at any point during your child’s Year 4-6 journey should you choose to.

We partner with Winthrop Australia to obtain the best educational prices and onsite technical support. They provide a convenient and easy online portal for you to order a device for your child. You are welcome to source a device elsewhere, however I encourage you to consider the portal information to compare accurately. Visit the Winthrop Portal for more information.

If you would like more information please contact the school.

Online Awareness

Our 1-1 Laptop program is designed to advantage our students in an increasingly digital world. Having a personal device provides students with the opportunity to manage, use and create learning experiences to enhance their education. We create the foundation for this by engaging students in activities that enable our students to be well prepared and aware of how to be safe and ethical online.

Teachers and parents/guardians need to be aware of the digital trends that young people are following that can affect their social and emotional wellbeing. Children’s online use is now more centred around mobile phones than computers.

At school we see very little inappropriate use of technology as use of mobile phones is not allowed and the laptops are monitored both physically and electronically by teachers. Unfortunately, we are receiving concerns from parents that some students are behaving inappropriately when using social media outside of school hours, using their phones or gaming consoles.

This can have an impact at school through an increase in friendship issues, confusion, anger and anxiety over things happening online. We address the behaviours exhibited at school, however we cannot get involved or take action on anything that is happening online out of school hours. We need you as parents and guardians to act, for the safety and health and well being of your children.

Please monitor what your children are doing online, if there are inappropriate messages in any group they are interacting with, make sure they remove themselves from the group and block any member who is inappropriate.

There are 3 key strategies to keeping your children safe online, they are:

  1. Be engaged, open and supportive: share online time with your child, talk about favourite games sites etc. Keep the lines of communication open and reassure your child that if they are having issues you will help them.
  2. Set some rules: ensure your child has input to the rules however consider age appropriate consistent rules eg. What sites and social interaction sites are appropriate, no devices in the bedroom, devices off after bedtime.
  3. Use available technology: get to know the devices they use, set up parental controls and monitor and control screentime. Research on reliable sites what you need to know and monitor. Eg.

These key strategies are from:

If you need assistance with dealing with inappropriate use online, please look at the government eSafety site, you can find information to help or you can report abuse. The police also have an information and a reporting service on their website:

Download the free Parent Online Safety Book:

The 1-1 Laptop Program

kids playing game on laptop kids using the laptops

2021 Parent Funded 1-1 Laptop Program

Thank you to all the parents who attended our first Parent Information forum. It was well attended and we had really productive discussions. The parents were really supportive of their child’s educational needs and understood the importance of learning to use technology well. We teach the students to use the devices for deeper learning tasks and we are ensuring they know how to use it ethically and safely.

The main points that were discussed were:

  • How we use the Mac books for learning tasks that promote original thinking, engagement and creativity but also reinforce mastery of skills and understanding. Instant feedback is also given to teachers and students for better progress.
  • What procedures and plans are in place to teach students how to have a positive digital footprint and use technology ethically.
  • While parents are able to choose an iPad for their child to join the program, our recommended device is the Macbook Air 13” as it is more powerful and versatile for learning situations, sturdier and connects more easily to the network.
  • Parental controls and managing devices through a mobile device manager (MDM) for a safer and more monitored environment. The Macbook has better parental controls built in and the iPad would need the third party mobile device management (MDM) tool, which we use for our school iPads and could be provided at a small cost to parents.
  • Information on the vendor and specifics about the program. The Portal is available for you to access pricing and device specifications information and order your device.

We partner with Winthrop Australia to obtain the best educational prices and onsite technical support. They provide a convenient and easy online portal for you to order a device for your child. If you source a device elsewhere consider the portal information to compare accurately. Visit the  Winthrop Portal  for more information.

Prior to purchasing a device, please attend one of our parent information sessions for more information and discussion with our 1-1 leadership team.


Digital Citizenship