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The 1-1 Laptop Program

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2021 Parent Funded 1-1 Laptop Program

Thank you to all the parents who attended our first Parent Information forum. It was well attended and we had really productive discussions. The parents were really supportive of their child’s educational needs and understood the importance of learning to use technology well. We teach the students to use the devices for deeper learning tasks and we are ensuring they know how to use it ethically and safely.

The main points that were discussed were:

  • How we use the Mac books for learning tasks that promote original thinking, engagement and creativity but also reinforce mastery of skills and understanding. Instant feedback is also given to teachers and students for better progress.
  • What procedures and plans are in place to teach students how to have a positive digital footprint and use technology ethically.
  • While parents are able to choose an iPad for their child to join the program, our recommended device is the Macbook Air 13” as it is more powerful and versatile for learning situations, sturdier and connects more easily to the network.
  • Parental controls and managing devices through a mobile device manager (MDM) for a safer and more monitored environment. The Macbook has better parental controls built in and the iPad would need the third party mobile device management (MDM) tool, which we use for our school iPads and could be provided at a small cost to parents.
  • Information on the vendor and specifics about the program. The Portal is available for you to access pricing and device specifications information and order your device.

We partner with Winthrop Australia to obtain the best educational prices and onsite technical support. They provide a convenient and easy online portal for you to order a device for your child. If you source a device elsewhere consider the portal information to compare accurately. Visit the  Winthrop Portal  for more information.

Prior to purchasing a device, please attend one of our parent information sessions for more information and discussion with our 1-1 leadership team. The sessions will be held in the library. The sessions are all held in the Library and you can book a date and time via this link: Parent Forums

If you can’t attend any of these sessions and would like more information please visit our website for  1-1 Program news  and  FAQ  or contact the school.

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