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Landsdale Primary School aims to cultivate a community of lifelong learners, prepared for both further formal learning and the ongoing informal learning of “The Real World.”

Lifelong learning requires the capacity to locate, consume, analyse and evaluate information to create knowledge. The literacies that underpin lifelong learning in the 21st Century are broader and deeper than simply the ability to read and write.

Today’s dynamic, collaborative information culture demands technological fluency, teamwork, systematic thinking, responsibility, self- assessment and inquiry. We believe that the teaching and learning At Landsdale Primary School will demand a mastery of these skills to be applied through engaging and authentic activities and assessments.

To accomplish this is is essential to have the best resources, opportunity and accessability to both when needed. This is why the partnership with Parents to create and maintain an Apple 1-1 Laptop Program is so important. Providing the students with such a powerful creative and productive device, to use whenever and wherever they need gives them the opportunities to succeed.

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