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Canteen Manager: Sue Uyen
Phone: 0410 894 457
Opening hours: 8:30am to 1:45pm

Canteen Reminders

We ask all parents and school staff, to ensure we stay as covid free as possible and to continue to provide to the school, please DO NOT enter the canteen space. If you do need to discuss anything with the canteen team please knock on the outside door and someone will come to help you. Please remain outside unless asked in, as it’s a catering space we’d be most grateful.

Wednesday Specials are available to order via Qkr and advertised on the P&C FB page the Sunday prior, please watch out for these!

Emergency lunches happen from time to time and we will never let a student go hungry. If your child comes home with a note from the canteen, the amount can be paid cash the next day or on Qkr via the accounts to pay menu.

Sue & the canteen team