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Administration Staff and Contacts

The Broadview
Landsdale WA 6065
Ph: (08) 9408 3850
SMS: 0417 912 795 (absentee messages only please)

Principal: Kerryn Woodhouse (

Deputy Principal: Leonie Mattock (

Deputy Principal: Kristin Bunn (

Deputy Principal: Susan Taylor (

Manager of Corporate Services: Jacqueline Lyons

Ministerial Officers: Jenny Shepherd, Tania Burke, Clare Colgan and Melinda Willcocks

School Board

Chair: Nadine Webber
Principal: Kerryn Woodhouse
Community Member: Margaret Quirk (MLA)
Parent Representatives: 
Ashley March
Nat Herridge
Michelle Santoro
Nadine Webber
Staff Members:
Kristin Bunn
Rachel Paplinski

P&C Association

President: Mark Green
Vice President: Sonya March
Secretary: Kristie Fleming
Treasurer: Kellie Nanavati
Roadwise Co-ordinator:
Parent Link Report:  

Dental Therapy Centre

Open Monday – Friday
Ph: (08) 9302 2969