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From The Principal

Dear Parents and Caregivers,

Many thanks to the P&C for running the Bookfair and Colour Explosion. It was wonderful to see so many parents and students enjoying these events.

The year 6 students are running market stalls this Tuesday as part of their learning in HASS. These stalls give the students the opportunity for real world learning in a practical application.

There are a few weeks until the end of the year, I would like to remind families of continuing to follow our school uniform policy, particularly in regard to wearing jewellery and non-uniform hats.

The DoE recently announced 2 initiatives which will start in 2023. The new supports are going to strengthen quality teaching in the classroom. The first is the Quality Teacher Strategy and the second is the Phonics Initiative. The Quality Teacher Strategy will lead schools to maximise the impact of high-quality teaching on student achievement and progress. The Phonics Initiative will see all year 1 students be assessed in phonics. The data will used to identify students developing foundation literacy skills and inform future teaching, learning and interventions for students.

Last term the students in year 5 & 6 completed the Wellness Engagement Census (WEC) the data is beginning to show an upward trend in some areas, this is a pleasing result. One of the contributing factors is the UR STRONG program and staff having an intentional focus on student health and wellbeing. The students in year 2-4 will shortly be doing Rumbles Quest, which also looks at wellness and engagement. It’s never too early or late to learn some lessons about our wellbeing and happiness.

Have a fabulous week.

Kind Regards,

Natalie Bracegirdle

Students Not Returning to LPS in 2023

If your child(ren) will NOT be attending Landsdale Primary School in 2023 can you please advise the front office in person, or email

2023 Kindergarten Enrolments

Please see the front office urgently if you still wish to enrol for Kindergarten next year as there are limited places left.