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From The Principal

Tony Beswick

Dear Parents and Families,

Landsdale Primary School is an active member of the Ashdale Cluster of schools. We bring to the community a variety of activities such as Cluster Muster that showcases student work in the Arts. The Visual Arts team has stepped forward and created an Instagram page that highlights student art work that the students have completed. There are few, if any, networks of schools that present artwork on such a platform.

Landsdale also prides itself on encouraging a strong community feel to the school as we believe your children’s school is a member of the broader Landsdale community. One of the celebrations that bring us all together is our involvement with the national Book Week.

Leon A (LA16) won a brilliant second place in the Year 4 and under race in School Sport WA Interschool Cross Country event. The reason why we decided to go to this event was that there were 1892 competitors across the 6 events ranging from 2000–2500 metres, which is more challenging for our wonderful students.

The Year 2 students won the Water Corporation’s Water Wise investigation so we will be having a visit from Kep, the water leak detecting dog in September. I would like to thank the Year 2 team of teachers who organised the investigation, and you parents for encouraging your children at home.


Dr Tony Beswick

School Development Days 2019:

Term 1.
Thursday – 31st Jan 
Friday – 1st Feb (Week 0)
 Friday - 1st March (Week 4)
Term 2.
Term 3.
 Monday - 22nd July (Week 1)
Term 4.
 Friday - 1st November (Week 3)
 Friday  - 20th December (Week 10)

Kind regards,
Dr Tony Beswick Principal