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From The Principal

Principal - Mr Josh Jashari

Dear Parents and Families,

Week 10 Term 4 2020

It is without doubt that the COVID 19 pandemic was the leading issue for this year. Its impact on all of us within our school community, across the state, nationally and globally will be felt for many years to come. Having said this, I must congratulate all our parents for being so patient with the changes that needed to be implemented due to the numerous levels of restrictions that were placed on schools throughout the year. Your patience and support was very much appreciated by the staff at Landsdale Primary School. Along with this I would also like to acknowledge our staff, especially during the change-over from face to face learning to online learning earlier this year. This was achieved within a very short timeframe. Staff rallied together and collaboratively planned and implemented strategies to ensure a smooth transition between the two learning formats. I am amazed at the dedication these people have for their students and their school at a time when they too were concerned for the welfare of their own families. We need also to mention the resilience of our students who were able to take all this in their stride and adjust their own approach to this unprecedented situation. Because of this our year 6 students didn’t have as many opportunities as our past year 6 students, none the less they continued on with their learning accepting the situation as a fact of life. Well done to you all and good luck in your new secondary schools.

School Board

A big thank you to our School Board. I am always impressed with their enthusiasm and willingness to meet after hours and discuss the strategic issues related to the school.

The Board are able to monitor our Business Plan, Finance expenditure and be a part of the analysis of surveyed data as well as analysing NAPLAN data.

As we have a number of board members leaving us I wish to acknowledge them for their support and contributions over the years. Best wishes and thank you to Mrs Aberline Attwood, Mr Chiragkumar Patel, Mrs Debbie Yates and Mr Ben Scott for acting as Chair of the Board until the middle of this year.

We also welcome the following parents onto the board; Mrs Jalpa Patel, Mrs Michelle Santoro, Mrs Nadine Webber, Mr Ashley Marsh and Mrs Natalie Herridge for her second term.


The P&C are another hard working group of parents whose main focus is to support the school through fundraising events and the canteen service. We all should be impressed with the work of the Fundraising group as they have been able to raise a significant amount of money for our students. I would also like to congratulate our Canteen staff for providing amazing lunches to our school. Well done to Mrs Sue Uyen and her team for their amazing effort this year.

We can’t praise the P&C without acknowledging the work of the Executive led by our President Mrs Natalie Herridge. Your leadership in overseeing the Fundraising and Canteen service across the school has been fantastic. Well done to you and your team.

Parent Link Program

This is a program that assists with classroom communication enabling parents to keep in contact with what is happening across the school. It also puts parents of classes in touch with each other. The program improves communication and is manned by a number of very dedicated parent volunteers from each classroom. I would like to thank not only the volunteers but also Mrs Mel Knight and Mrs Michelle Santoro for leading this project in 2020.

Parent Survey

As part of our continual process of self-reflection and in order to strengthen our partnership already in place, we are seeking feedback from our community. This information will be used to guide our future planning. I have sent all families the survey link. Whilst this has been a difficult year because of COVID, we ask that you reflect on both 2019 and 2020 when completing this survey.

Staff Leaving Landsdale

As we approach the end of the year we have a number of staff who will be leaving us for a variety of reasons including retirements, new work opportunities and leave. We would like to thank all of these staff members for their contribution to not only the school but also to our students and community. They will be sadly missed and we wish them well in their new ventures

Farewell to:

Miss Amy Munro
Mrs Lauren Hope
Ms Mel Checksfield
Ms Emma Rogerson
Mrs Helen Isaacs
Mrs Tracey Higgins
Ms Kat Wellstead
Miss Gemma Pearson
Miss Bek Connolly
Mrs Tania Gotsis (School Psychologist)
Mr Peter Hayward
Mrs Maddison Barnard
Mrs Clodagh Murphy
Mr James Middleton (Chaplain)
Mrs Elyssia Ashton
Mrs Dani Crane
Mrs Tess Mak

New Staff for 2021

We welcome the following new staff members (teaching and non teaching) to Landsdale Primary School.

Ms Monique Dickenson
Ms Jacqueline Karaki
Ms Naoibh Boylan
Ms Kate Fraser
Ms Kate Sullivan
Ms Linda Liebe
Mr Chris Dombrowsky
Ms Rachel O’Hara
Mrs Nadine Duffy
Ms Zara Wrubel
Mrs Michelle Rossi (Chaplain)
Mrs Melissa Morgan (School psychologist)

School Development Days for 2021

Schools in the Ashdale Cluster work together to develop a common approach and pool expertise and resources to ensure high quality programs and collaboration among its students, staff and families. In order for us to achieve this

our schools have listed the following dates as School Development Days (pupil free).

Term 1

Week 0 (Before school starts) Wednesday 27th, Thursday 28th and Friday 29th January
Week 4 Friday 26th February

Term 2

No School Development Days

Term 3

Week 1 Monday 19th July (First day of term 3)

Term 4

Week 2 Friday 22nd October

Voluntary Contributions and Charges 2021

The School Board has endorsed the Voluntary Contributions and Charges for 2021. You have received information outlining the charges for 2021. The voluntary contributions are an integral part of funding additional programs in the school and we would encourage all parents to contribute as these funds are directed back to our students.

Composite/Split Classes 2021

As I have mentioned in past newsletters we are well underway with the planning of classes (class structure) for next year. This of course will be very reliant on predicted enrolment numbers which may take until the very last day of the holidays to finalise. I have included a link below to direct you to more detailed Landsdale Primary School information about composite/split classes.

Kiss n Drive Changes 2021

Our P&C are always looking at ways of improving its services to the school community. A very exciting new way of managing the program will be introduced next year and will really rely on more people being involved. In the past it has been the responsibility of a small group of volunteers who have attended to Kiss n Drive for the 40 weeks of the school year. Ideally it would be fantastic if you could do one session per week, however one session a term would be more than helpful, or, even once a semester.

A new system of ‘booking in your time’ has been developed. The project is a great example of the Parent Link Program and the P&C working collaboratively together. If you have the time I encourage you to be involved in this, especially if you are unable to volunteer for other events due to other commitments.

A special thank you to our new Kiss n Drive Co-ordinator for 2021 Ms Darshana Kika.

Information on how you can be involved is located elsewhere in this newsletter or contact can be made through:

Kind regards,

Josh Jashari