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From The Principal

Principal - Mr Josh Jashari


Our Year 1 to Year 4 students attended swimming over the last two weeks and whilst the weather was cool and wet on occasions our students were very enthusiastic. The feedback I received from Craigie Leisure Centre and the swimming instructors was very positive with some wonderful comments about our students’ behaviour and the way they generally conducted themselves. Congratulations to the many students who moved on to their next stage. We will be forwarding our preference to have swimming either in Term 1 or Term 4 next year, however there are no guarantees that this request will be met.


I will be on Long Service Leave from June 21 to July 2 (Weeks 10 and 11). Mrs Bracegirdle will assume the Acting Principal role over this timeframe.

Cluster Lightning Carnival

It was quite evident on my rounds of the various games on the day that the students absolutely enjoyed the opportunity to represent their school in their respective sports. Whilst it was a very cold day, especially out in the open, the students certainly showed they were up to the task of participating at their best. I was really pleased to see the sportsmanship being displayed by all teams. We certainly have some very skilled students and it was great to see them shine.

Dress Code Clarification

At our last School Board meeting the School Board made a very minor addition and some clarification of our Uniform Policy. The following has been included:

“Fad” clothing or accessories will not be permitted e.g. bunny ear headbands, fluro/bright socks or other items deemed to be opposed to the spirit and intent of the school’s student dress code.

Socks: Short white, black or navy socks.

Tights: White, black or navy

Kind regards,

Josh Jashari