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From The Principal

Principal - Mr Josh Jashari

Dear Parents and Families,

Class Placement Request 2022

The school is now planning for classes and class structure for the 2022 school year. As you would imagine it is very difficult to predict enrolment numbers this far out from the beginning of next year.

Landsdale Primary School ensures classes are formed in such a way as to best meet the needs of its students. The school spends a considerable amount of time creating its class lists which is based upon the professional judgements of staff with the aim of creating the best learning environment for each student. All factors are considered when making these judgements. The best interest of all students is paramount when making placement decisions.

Parents and carers may request a specific class placement through providing the school with educational reasoning behind this request. This may be in the form of specific information about their child’s learning needs that they believe the school may not be aware of. Such information would not include any requests regarding a particular individual teacher. Please be aware that these requests may be considered but not automatically accommodated. Please email Mrs Tania Burke ( or send a letter marked ‘Private and Confidential’ to Mrs Burke by Friday 29th October 2021.

Class lists will be formed and then reviewed by all staff. They will then be submitted to the Executive Team for further review. Following this any change to class placement will only be made in exceptional circumstances, however this tends to be extremely rare.

Composite/Split Classes 2022

Over the last term we have been taking Kindergarten enrolments for 2022. I am pleased to say at this point we have one hundred students enrolled already. We have also been making predictions on the structure of classes across the rest of the school for 2022. We have no doubt, and as is the case in almost all schools, that we will have split or composite classes occurring. The number of these will be very reliant on the enrolment numbers gained during the first week of school. Until then we can only make predictions on what we think the numbers will be. We take into consideration the school’s past enrolment history, information supplied to us by 2021 families who may be leaving or entering the school, the number of building activity within the school’s intake area and information that is supplied to us through the Department of Education. This information is then assessed and we make predictions on the number of classes and class structure throughout the school. We develop three scenarios of these class structures. During Term 4 of this year we will be organising our staffing to ensure we have these scenarios catered for. This is not only for teaching staff but also non-teaching staff.

Last year I produced an information sheet for parents detailing research behind the benefits of composite/split classes. Please view this through the following link:

Kind regards,

Josh Jashari

School Development Days for 2022

Term 1

  1.   Thursday 27th January

  2.   Friday 28th January
(Students commence school on Monday 31st January)

  3.   Friday 4th March (Week 5 lead in to Labour Day)

Term 2

No School Development Day

Term 3

  4.   Monday 18th July (First day of Term 3)

Term 4

  5.  Friday 21st October (end of week 2)
(Students finish Thursday 16th December

Kind regards,

Josh Jashari