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1-1 Laptop Program 2021

Thank you to all the parents of Year Four and new students in Year 5 or 6 who have joined, or are in the process of joining, the program this year. Teachers and students will spend the first few weeks establishing agreements that will give the grounding for high standards of self-regulation at school and safety online. Explicitly teaching how to responsibly and appropriately use technology and communication tools provides students with the skills and knowledge to make informed and appropriate choices now and in the future. To help keep informed about digital citizenship and online safety visit our digital citizenship page on our website.

In such busy times, inevitably some parents miss our annual information sessions in Nov/Dec. If you have questions, our website has information and Frequently Asked Questions to assist you.

The technical aspects of the program are also being established in the first couple of weeks. When you bring your laptop in to school the technicians “image” them. This means settings and software that are school specific are put onto the laptops to ensure a safer and more effective experience.

When the machines are imaged, a note is sent home with information regarding setting up passwords and home wireless, more information and “how to” tutorials can be found on the Apple Support site. We have a technician onsite every day except Wednesday. Your child is able to let the technician know of any issues with their machine by logging a job on the Helpdesk which you can access through the Helpdesk link on our website home page or by informing their teacher.

If your child is bringing in an iPad, a list of essential Apps and some information regarding their use at school will be sent home soon.

We are excited to begin the journey with your children to engage in rich learning tasks and teach them how to become responsible digital citizens.

If you are interested in attending a “hands on” introduction to Macbook workshop at school please fill in the form below, if enough interest is indicated a time and date will be advertised in the next newsletter.

Introduction to Macbook Workshop

Dear Parents,
As you are aware the Premier has announced that students will be returning back to school as from Monday 8th February and that a number of restrictions will be in place until 12:01 am Sunday 14th February. In essence these will impact the school operations during the next five days of school unless there are any changes to the governments approach. We ask for your support and patience throughout this week.
To keep in line with other schools in the state next week will still be considered week 2 of school in terms of any timetabling and Kindergarten arrangements.
Drop off/start of day arrangements:
Please follow our previous (pre lockdown arrangements as per Monday Feb 2) in terms of the drop off/start of day arrangements for our K-1 students and our 2-6 students. These arrangements are a consistent approach which will be followed by all schools in the Ashdale Cluster and also follow new restriction guidelines.
· K-1 will be notified of this in a reminder note that has been sent today.
· Year 2-6 students can be dropped off at the classroom door. For this week, please do not enter classrooms.
Gates and entering school grounds:
Parents will be able to enter the school grounds but must wear a mask as this is now a lawful requirement. Social distancing is also required (4 square metres). If you are entering a classroom (K-1) please sign the visitors register available in each of these classrooms.
As is current school policy the front gate only will open at 8.15am. This is to provide early access for those students who are dropped off at Kiss and Drive and those who arrive early without their parents. These students can enter and will be directed to the alcove outside LA 10 and 11 until class doors open at 8.30am. All other gates will open at 8.25am for parents and students to enter the school grounds.
Students will not be required to wear a mask in a primary school setting.
All visitors, staff (teachers and non teachers) and parents are required to wear a mask on site. Teachers and Education Assistants may take their masks off during class lesson time whilst they are instructing students. They must wear their masks at all other times including duty.
I will keep you informed of any other developments as they come to hand
Kind regards,
Josh Jashari
Dear Parents,
As you will no doubt have heard, the Premier has announced that we are in hard lockdown from 6pm tonight. At this stage schools will be closed from 6pm Sunday 31/01/2021 to 6pm Friday 5th February. As per the Premier’s comments the school holidays are extended for one week (there will be no online learning prescribed by the school during this week).
Staff have been instructed not to come into work during this time unless it is absolutely necessary.
Our Director General has also indicated to principals that they are working on more detailed advice and this should be available this evening. I will send more information out to you should there be any further developments.
I do understand that this will be so disappointing to our families and in particular our younger students who have been looking forward to their first days at school. Hopefully this will only be a short delay and we will all be back at school Monday Week.
In the meantime please keep safe and we will see you all next week.
Kind regards,
Josh Jashari
Landsdale PS.

Landsdale Leaders 2021

Congratulations to the following students who have been selected to represent Landsdale Primary School as ministers or faction captains next year:

Lily W - Prime Minister Girl
Namra P - Prime Minister Boy
Arya K - Communications Minister
John M - Health and Welfare Minister
Xavier A - Publicity Minister
Molly C - Science Minister
Liana D - Sports Minister
Aiden S - Environment Minister
Brodie V-B - Visual Arts Minister
Chloe X - Music Minister
Aiden R - ICT Minister
Sienna I - Cassia Faction Captain
Leon A - Cassia Faction Captain
Viktorija P - Cassia Vice-Captain
Peter D-M - Cassia Vice-Captain
Sophie S - Banksia Faction Captain
Kirtan D - Banksia Faction Captain
Femi P - Banksia Vice-Captain
Ethan C - Banksia Vice-Captain
Gemma N - Hovea Faction Captain
Austin D - Hovea Faction Captain
Kanchi D - Hovea Vice Captain
Nathaniel R - Hovea Vice Captain
Angelina S - Grevillea Faction Captain
Alex J - Grevillea Faction Captain
Kiara K - Grevillea Vice-Captain
Stefan J - Grevillea Vice-Captain

Early Childhood Busy Bee

Thank you to the following parents for their help with our Early Childhood Busy Bee on Saturday 24th October.

Kashif Ali
Lidia Hillyer
Venkatesh Miryanam
Stacey and Brett Pickles
Anna Plaskota
Mike Wolski

We also would like to thank the many staff members and their families who helped.

2021 Parent Funded 1-1 Laptop Program

Is your child entering Year 4 in 2021 or are you considering joining your year 5 or 6 child into the 1-1 program? Read on!

Our parent funded 1-1 Laptop program ensures our students have the best opportunities to acquire essential skills in digital technologies and STEM for their future. We recognise and value the parents of our senior students’ commitment to their children’s education.

Parents have the option of choosing the MacBook Air 13” or the latest iPad for the program. Teachers, students and our parent representatives all strongly recommended the MacBook as the school’s preferred device.

The response from parents this year has been overwhelmingly positive, with 83% of students having their own device, and of those, all were MacBooks.

For 2021 we continue to recommend the MacBook Air 13” as the preferred device, while including the option of the iPad; there is also a leasing option for both devices.

We recommend the MacBook Air 13” over the iPad for the following reasons, the MacBook:

  • is sturdier and has greater longevity, students often using their laptops through to secondary schooling.
  • has stronger parental controls and Remote desktop for teacher supervision of student use.
  • is more powerful and has more features within applications common to both Mac and iPad eg. Pages, Garageband, iMovie, google suite and Microsoft office 365.
  • is easier to use for staff and students when accessing tools for learning like the internet, google suite and network resources.
  • has a larger screen and keyboard.
  • has better tools for applications, student monitoring and network resources, eg. being able to have the school image, teachers being able to monitor student usage in real time.

We partner with Winthrop Australia to obtain the best educational prices and onsite technical support. They provide a convenient and easy online portal for you to order a device for your child. If you source a device elsewhere consider the portal information to compare accurately. Visit the Winthrop Portal for more information.

Prior to purchasing a device, please attend one of our parent information sessions for more information and discussion with our 1-1 leadership team:

Please click the link to choose all the dates and times you can attend the Information Forums for the 1-1 Program: Forum Dates and Times

Faction Carnival

Our school’s Faction Athletics Carnival will be held on Thursday 17th September 2020. As the Premier has extended the COVID 19 Phase 4 restrictions until the beginning of next term we will need to adhere to these conditions. There will be a change to the format as has been announced earlier this term, however lunch and play arrangements have been modified to enable the school to host the event. This will mean that students will play in an area designated away from the parent group during recess. They will eat their lunch in the Faction areas and then play in this area during their lunch break. Parents will need to remain within their own designated areas and not enter the student areas. More specific information regarding our Athletics Carnival can be found elsewhere in this newsletter. A very big thank you to Mr Puccinelli and Mr Brown for their efforts in organising this event.

Online Safety and Appropriate Behaviours

Just like the real world, the Internet can be full of amazing information, positive people to interact with and ideas to spark creativity and thought. However, just like the real world, it also has its dangers, inappropriate content, misinformation and harmful social interactions. In both worlds the good outweighs the bad and with care and education both can be safely navigated.

The students in Year 4-6 as Early Adolescents are beginning to act more independently with peer relationships and risk taking becoming more prevalent both in person and online.

At school we must focus on creating a safe environment for all students and as such actively and explicitly talk to the students about the type of relationships with their peers that are appropriate for school. Just as adults need to adhere to a code of conduct that is equal and safe for all in their workplace, students need the same surety for school. This means that sexual, racial or personal harassment of any kind is not tolerated. At school we address the health and growth of students in an educative manner during health lessons as is appropriate. Students having a “girlfriend” or “boyfriend” at this age is a part of experimenting and growing up, however this is often very difficult to navigate and can create many negative feelings and consequences. The students are well aware of our school agreements and know that these behaviours are not to be evident on the school grounds. Our experience is that it can cause harassment, embarrassment and humiliation of others and bullying behaviour both in person and online. We request that you support us to keep the school a place of learning and safe behaviours where all students can enjoy friendships with all their peers and be able to concentrate on their learning. Please talk to you children about responsible and appropriate behaviours for school as we want all students to retain their good standing and have a great year.

Teachers are continually teaching students sound educational and safe practices for online interactions and, in accordance with our Acceptable Use Policy and student Personal Device Usage Agreements, monitor student laptops often. When remotely monitoring the student machines since their return to school we have found an increased use of social media both during school times and home hours. We do not permit social media sites or applications to be used during school unless under the direct supervision of a teacher (for example YouTube educational videos or our monitored Google email within our school domain). Communication with parents, friends or relatives during school hours using mobile phones or social media is a breach of the Education Department’s Acceptable Use Policy. If you wish to communicate with your child during school hours, please contact the office who will assist you with this.

Many of the inappropriate interactions during the use of social media and gaming applications occur after school when students are using their phones, game consoles or laptops. You can help your child in many simple ways to ensure these interactions are safe and appropriate. Your child is probably using the internet independently at home and can come across many risks from content, contact and conduct.

You can help your child learn to manage internet safety risks by:

  • Being a role model and talking with your child about online content and activities.
  • Taking an interest in your child’s online activities. This builds trust and encourages your child to talk to you about online worries.
  • Supporting your children to ensure that they are using it in the safest possible manner and becoming good digital citizens.
  • Setting clear guidelines in relation to internet usage, when it can be used, for how long, and where they can use it
  • Checking your child’s Internet history at random times and discussing the sites they access to ensure they are appropriate sites.

There are many sites that offer advice and help to parents and children and our website has links to these. Here are a couple that are really good: