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Thanks to all the volunteers who helped us on the day, we cannot put this on without you. To all our teachers and staff who helped as well, especially Mr Baggio & Mr Brown, it’s a team effort that comes together, thanks so much for all your help on the day to make the run the best it is for the kids.

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Kiss & Drive Announcement

Each Term has designated year groups for parents to volunteer for a session to help Kiss N Drive on that afternoon. Parents can forward plan their session into the year and change as required. The roster updates in real time which makes changes immediate thus allowing the roster to look after itself. A link to the roster is below.

As a thank you at the end of each term a raffle will be drawn to win one of two $10 vouchers to be redeemed at our fabulous canteen. Each time you volunteer, you gain an entry into the draw. And do not forget, you also have the use of a staff car park on the day you volunteer for Kiss N Drive.

 Sign up using the following link:

Want to volunteer but unsure of what is involved? Drop us an email to join us for a training session to see how easy it is!

Road wise Coordinator