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Colour Explosion is here! Student booklets have headed home for our students’ major fundraiser for the year. Not only is this a special event for us as we get to have fun but it’s our way of securing much needed funds to be able to give back to school. With the past COVID years and no fundraising we’d love to be able to help again our teachers with their wishes for 2022. Sign up your profile at the link below.

P&C – Bogan Bingo

Friday 17th September is just around the corner! There’s still a short window of time to get the mates together and buy a table of Qkr!

Would you like to help? We are seeking volunteers to help on the night with raffles, set up and the like. If you’re attending the night and don’t mind lending a hand check out the sign up zone link for where you can help.

If you haven’t yet, join the event!

Roadwise Committee

So close to the end of term and we’ve almost nailed the roster, only 2 Thursdays left for the end of the term. Massive thanks to everyone from years 1 & 2 who have volunteered for us this term. If you haven’t yet and would like to, check out the roster on the link below.

Term 4 we bring in Pre Primary! It’s your turn to learn the ropes! Backed up with years 1 through 4 we’re sure to have a full roster before the term even starts with so many families to choose from 

The weather is starting to clear up and the sun is out, it’s awesome to see more families walking and taking advantage of the sunny weather for exercise.

Please do remember, all school education department sites are dog free zones. Whilst it’s awesome to take the pup for a walk, they are not allowed inside the gate. Please respect the wishes of the department in keeping all of our families and children safe. We know it’s not all but some kids are not lovers of animals, it’s this and the cleaning up after them that are two of the number of reasons they aren’t allowed on school grounds.

Whilst we are on reminders, the Dental Car Park has seen a massive spike in use by non dental parents. Please do not use this as a drop off or pickup zone. Not only is it not allowed, it’s unsafe and accidents can and do happen. Please don’t let it be you.

Thanks, Nat


Kiss and Drive Co-ordinator