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Each term has designated year groups for parents to volunteer for a session to help Kiss N Drive in the afternoon. Parents are able to forward plan their session into the year and change as required.

Please note that the Kiss N Drive is not just the responsibility of the school, the Kiss N Drive is outside school grounds and is not the responsibility of the school to run, that's where parents and volunteers come in.

The roster updates in real time which makes changes immediately allowing the roster to look after itself.

A link to the roster is below. The Roadwise Committee will do the first week of each term as we return to school. Thursday of the first week will double as a training session for those who wish to see how easy it is before you do your own.

All parents participating that term will go into a raffle to win one of two $10 vouchers for the canteen and don’t forget you also have the use of a staff car park on the day you volunteer for Kiss N Drive. If you find it as easy as you thought it would be, roster in for a second or third session for more entries into the draw!!

This was Kiss N Drive's first major change to how it’s been run in the school’s 24 year history and has been running for a couple of years now. The committee was so excited to spread the word and see this grow year on year after much planning and to have it be so successful was an extra win.

Now it’s over to the parents of 2023 to help even ‘just once’ to make it a success.

Contact our Roadwise Coordinator for any questions on

Now it’s up to all of us! Please help us to spread the word by sharing and talking to each other about the roster. Parent Link will help to remind year groups through the year to communicate this to all our families as well. Let’s get 2023 off to a great start with our year 2 & 6 parents up first for term 1.

Term 1 – Year 2 & 6
Term 2 – Year 1 & 5
Term 3 – Year All Years
Term 4 – Year 3 & 4

Note all Years’ Time slots / Schedules are available so would be great to see the schedule fill up.