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School Banking

The Dollarmites

The P & C have decided to close our relationship with the Commonwealth Bank after running the program for numerous years at Landsdale Primary. The volunteer hours it takes to run the banking at the school and the management tasks expected from the bank have become onerous. We also feel that the scheme no longer aligns with our school’s philosophy.

It will continue throughout Term 2, to enable all current student bankers to order rewards. Consequently, the last banking day will be Thursday 4th July, 2019. A huge thank you to all those students and families who participated and to those who have volunteered to run school banking.

Please come and see me Thursday's between 8 and 9am, if you have any questions.

With school banking closing at the end of term, please don’t forget to redeem your gold tokens for rewards. There are lots to choose from, come into to check them out!

Rowena Casilli
School Banking Co-ordinator