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UR Strong

URS_School_Badge.png UR STRONG: Friendology 101

URSTRONG is an internationally-recognized friendship program that empowers children with the skills, language, and self-confidence to be better friends and develop healthier relationships. The research clearly shows that children with healthy friendships perform better academically, have higher self-esteem, a more positive body image, get involved in more leadership roles, and make smarter decisions in future relationships. 
Facilitated by an international team of Licensed Presenters, URSTRONG has a suite of workshops designed specifically for students in Kindergarten to Year 8 including parent-child workshops and professional development for educators. URSTRONG’s Friendology 101 curriculum has been adopted by hundreds of schools around the world. 
The skills-based programming teaches children how to put a voice to their feelings, create healthy friendships, and build a solid foundation for future relationships. Along with learning what’s normal in a friendship and the difference between healthy and unhealthy friendships, students also learn and practice URSTRONG’s proven step-by-step approach for putting out common Friendship Fires™ (i.e. conflict) and how to combat Mean-on-Purpose behaviour like a ninja. 
URSTRONG’s whole-school friendship strategy has improved the social climate in hundreds of schools globally, teaching kids a common language for confidently managing conflict and creating a culture rooted in respect and kindness. To learn more, please visit: